Latest Firmware Updates - BlazeVideo Trail Cameras

You can upgrade your camera version to the latest through the link below.

In the SET mode, press MENU, go to "Version" menu option, check the model type and the current firmware version number, select the link corresponding to the major version, open the upgrade page, download the upgrade file (save it in .img format), and follow the instructions on the upgrade page to upgrade.

If you have any questions during the upgrade process, please contact


Model type Major version Current latest version Update URL
A252 20MP V2.0 V2.0.23
A252 24MP V2.0 V2.0.31
A252 V3.0 V3.0.51
A262 20MP V2.0 V2.0.23
A262 24MP V2.0 V2.0.31
A262 V3.0 V3.0.51
A323L V3.0 V3.0.51
A323 V1.0 V1.0.21
A323 V2.0 V2.0.29
A323 V3.0 V3.0.51
A280 V2.0 V2.0.31
A280 V3.0 V3.0.51
A350 V3.0 V3.0.51